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Princess Maria Amor Presented WCH Projects to Nepal’s Prime Minister



Princess Maria Amor Presented WCH Projects to

Nepal’s Prime Minister




By HRH Princess Dato’Seri Maria Amor


Kathmandu, NepalWe Care for Humanity (WCH) founder and president; HRH Princess Dato’Seri Maria Amor had a one on one meeting with the Prime Minister of Nepal, His Excellency Sushil Koirala at his residence and office last June 27, 2015.

Amor, on a mission to promote WCH’s programs on Health and Eradication of Poverty presented to His Excellency the Global Health Initiative for Humanity (GHIH); a grant of half a million dollar donated medical supplies and equipment per shipping container. “We care for Nepal. We want to help by extending our vision: No Nation Left Behind on Medical Needs especially to the victims of the earthquake”, Princess Maria explained.

The GHIH Project initially presented by GHIH country coordinator Dr. Ashok Gupta to Nepal Health and Population Minister-Honorable Khaga Raj Adhikary received favorable nods. The Health Ministry via secretary Dr. K.C. Paudel and Her Royal Highness Princess Asha who helped organized GHIH meeting for the second time said that it will release the endorsements needed to process the GHIH program the soonest possible.

“We also care for the hundred thousands of homeless Nepalese due to this calamity that’s why we brought our housing technology based on green and sustainable attributes”, Princess Maria expressed to the Urban Development Minister, Hon. Narayan Khadka, Ph.D. who indicated that they are interested to explore further the WCH E-Housing System.

“We need all the help we can get at this time of crisis and we are thankful that there is a global NGO body like We Care for Humanity helping Nepal out of its own initiative”, the Prime Minister recognizing the efforts of WCH.

Another important purpose of Princess Maria’s journey to Nepal was to personally meet and interview Nepal’s former Prime Minister Khil RajRegmi who will be honored at the 3rd Global Officials of Dignity Awards at the United Nations on August 5-7, 2015  as Asia’s Dignitary Man of the Year for his humanitarian contributions and dignitary excellence in the region of Asia. H.E. Regmi is considered one of the most respectable Chairmen of Nepal’s Supreme Court and had brought Nepal to a peaceful and successful election of his time. 

While in Nepal, the princess was generously hosted by business tycoon Binod Chaudhary, also well known as Nepal’s Billion Dollar Man.  “I am overwhelmed by the generosity and

support of Mr. Chaudhary and his family.  I am very impressed by their own humanitarian initiative of giving temporary homes to thousands of homeless Nepalese. Mr. Chaudhary is a Business and Humanitarian Icon and it would be my honor to work side by side with his NGO to achieve its mission to help Nepal”, admiringly said by the princess.

“I am definitely coming back to Nepal, especially now that the Prime Minister is encouraging me to meet the right channels to facilitate WCH projects. He is very supportive and enthusiastic of our efforts and I am more inspired than ever to make sure that We Care for Humanity’s hopes for Nepal coms in fruition. With the help of Mr. Kosum Govind, Princess Asha, Former Prime Minister Khil Regmi and Mr. Chaudhary, WCH will thrive in Nepal”

We Care for Humanity is an internationally recognized organization dealing mainly with current global issues and concerns such as Human Rights, World Peace, Education, Health and Wellness, Eradication of Poverty, Green Environment and Empowerment.

GHIH is a global health initiative campaign of We Care for Humanity (WCH) in partnership with Global Health Ambassadors (GHA) to bridge the gap of staggering health resources in developing world. GHIH was formed to provide donated medical equipment and supplies to developing countries in the world using 40-foot shipping (cargo) containers. Each container has an average value of $500,000 worth of donated medical supplies and equipment. Based on the needs and sponsorships available, several containers per shipment can be provided. GHIHcollaborates with partners in each country to develop a high-level understanding of the scope of need.

*The G.O.D. Awards is a global humanitarian awards institution honoring the "greatest humanitarians of the world" from the highest echelon of Diplomacy, Royalty, Business & Economy, Medicine, Philanthropy, Culture & Arts and Entertainment whose unequivocal contribution to humanity have made significant impact on Human Rights, Global Peace, Green Environment, Education, Health and Wellness, Eradication of Poverty and Empowerment.



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